About Betz Transformers, Inc.

At Betz Transformers, Inc., we take pride in the exceptional quality of our product and the reliable commitment to service that stands behind it. We have built a reputation of providing a superior product with unmatched service.

In 1972, B&B Transformer began production in Minnesota. The founder of B&B Transformer believed in growing the company geographically rather than expanding in one location. In 1981, International Transformer was opened in Kansas and in 1990 Betz Transformers, Inc. was opened in Colorado.

We recognize that preservation of capital and conservation of energy are everyone’s goals. Betz provides a full turn-key finance solution for co-ops, munis and IOUs that allows them to finance their new transformers, substations and more. We can show the ROI gained by changing out your older, inefficient transformers with new units. Utilities nationwide are financing their new power equipment at low rates to leverage their purchasing power and provide better service to their communities at a lower cost. Betz can show you how.