Our process

While the average consumer rarely thinks about the lifespan of a transformer, they do care about efficient, continuous electrical power being supplied to their homes and businesses. However, transformers do not have an unlimited life. When the time comes that a unit needs to be repaired Betz Transformers has developed an innovative engineering process to quickly and inexpensively repair a transformer. The process is straightforward. We first check to see if the transformer core is burned out, if so a new core will be created. The transformer core consists of a copper winding and matching bands of core steel. The core steel is not solid but rather fine laminations “booked” together. The core will be disassembled (tore-down) and the core steel will be reused with a newly wound matching copper coil. Once the new core is assembled, it goes through our innovative kiln process to remove moisture and impurities in the core. After completing the kiln process, the core is placed back in its tank, the electrical connections are made. Once the connections and bushings are in place, the transformer is filled with new oil and electrically tested. After passing these tests, the tank cover is attached and the external hardware is installed. The result is a fully reconditioned or remanufactured transformer that has been restored to its like new condition.